Friday, September 19, 2003

[Flashback - 09/2003 - Australia] - Uluru - Valley of the Wind Walk - Kata Tjuta Park (The Olgas)

We went to Uluru in 2003 so things were quite different then. In fact, coming back to Sydney there were only about 20 of us on the flight. One of the best things we did was the Valley of the Wind Walk. There were only 5 of us in the tour that we joined. We left early to witness the sunset and then our tour guide took us to the main entrance of the Kata Tjuta park where the walk started and said to us that he will be back in 2-1/2-3 hours and if we were not there at the entrance he will call for help because that means we were lost. I thought that was funny but really if you are not careful you could easily get lost and we were not guided. We did it on our own.

Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) is a massive pole of 36 weathered domes, estimated to be around 500 million years old. Walking along the valley you see domes and other formations or bornhardts, sceneries that you will not see unless you go for the walk. I think anyone visiting Uluru should not miss this walk. It goes hand in hand with the Ayers Rock. Being there physically to admire the environment is so much different from just looking at pictures but even just the pictures are unbelievably awesome. 

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