Saturday, June 7, 2014

[Bushwalking and Hiking - 05/2014 - Australia] - Sydney NSW - Royal National Park - Grand Canyon Blackheath

Blackheath’s Grand Canyon is an iconic walking track in the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains. On this 4.5hr bushwalk we descended deep into the phenomenal ‘slot formation’ canyon.  We were surrounded by sheer cliffs, lush ferns and ancient rainforest. Every metre we descended represented roughly 1 million years in geological time. We explored waterfalls and creeks at a relaxed pace and saw how water has carved out a subterranean stream over time. We had a great time discovering the history of this heritage track, and learned about local Australian wildlife that resided in this area while also appreciating the changing and spectacular landscapes along the way. This bushwalking was the highlight of all our bushwalking weekend practices.