Saturday, July 5, 2014

[Flashback - 07/2014 - Peru] - Peru - Inca Trek - Peru

While I was packing my clothes for the Macchu Picchu Inca Trek in Peru, I realized that I actually packed 4 pairs of shoes. One pair was the hiking shoes for the actual trek. I had a pair of sandals to wear to rest my feet after the trek.  I had a pair of walking rubber shoes comfortable enough to wear when we go visit other sites in Lima, Cusco and Santiago when I do a stopover on my way back to Sydney and a pair of casual leather shoes. At least I only had to pack 3 of them as I will be wearing one pair during flights.
When we do the trek I will only be wearing the hiking shoes and no other shoes will be in my bag. The rest will be left behind in my luggage.