Wednesday, January 31, 2018

[Jan 2018 - Australia] - Blue Mountains NSW - Street Art Murals in Katoomba Blue Mountains

While walking around Katoomba I noticed a great painting on one of the building walls in a side street. 
And more on the other buildings when I looked further down on the side street. It turned out to be street art murals, a dynamic, community driven outdoor gallery created by Street Art Murals Australia (SAMA) in partnership with the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, University of Western Sydney and relevant stakeholders in the Beverly Place Precint. The image below will tell you more of the Street Art Walk in Katoomba.
The paintings were so awesome I had to take pictures of all them. It reminded me of the Art Murals in Philadelphia when I visited the place in 2005 where most of the buildings with blank walls in the city were painted. Here are the street art murals I took pictures of currently displayed in Katoomba.

To see larger and individual images of the above, click here. And if ever you are in Katoomba, visit the place. You will not regret it as the art paintings are really very beautiful. I am glad I took photos as they may not be there permanently.