Saturday, June 23, 2018

[June 2018 - Japan ] - Japan - Vendo Machines in Japan

I travelled to Japan the last two weeks and had a great time. We arrived in Tokyo and stayed there for 3 days before we took the shinkansen known as the bullet train to Osaka. After a 4-days' stay in Osaka we spent the rest of our second week in Kyoto before going back to Tokyo. We stayed for a day in Tokyo before going back to Sydney. All 3 places were great, the people were very helpful and speaking English to them was a bit of a struggle. Of all the 3 places we visited, Kyoto was the one we liked so much.

Upon arrival in Tokyo, the first thing I immediately noticed were the vendo machines which were readily available everywhere. You will never get dehydrated. I took pictures of several of the vendo machines I saw while going aroung Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.
I loved the colours of the machines. Soon I will post pictures of all the places we went to. We had a 14-day Japan Rail pass which cost us $555aud each and we took advantage of it every possible way that at the end of the two weeks I realized we only purchased local suburban tickets about 5 times at 230yen each for a total of of about $18.00 per person. Lucky us we brought rain jackets with us as some days it rained. I would love to go back to Japan when an opportunity arises as I believe it is a place where one has to return and there were still lots of places to go to, more temples and shrines to visit and shopping was interesting especially  in the markets in Kyoto.