Sunday, January 28, 2018

[Jan 2018 - Australia] - Blue Mountains NSW - A Day trip to the Blue Mountains - Three Sisters in Katoomba

After watching the musical 'Beautiful' on the night of Australia Day, (see my souvenir below which they gave away after the show)
we drove to the Blue Mountains the following day. We did three lookouts that day and the first lookout we did was the Echo Point Lookout to get a view of the Three Sisters in Katoomba. The view of the three sisters when we arrived was not at its best as it was quite foggy. 

If the morning was not that foggy, the three sisters would have looked like this. I took this picture about 18 months ago and we arrived at the three sisters almost the same time as we arrived last Saturday. See the difference?
We walked down to the Grand stairway entrance and the view wasnt that bad. I have done the Grand Stairway before from the bottom to the top when we did the Scenic World Circuit bushwalking so I did not go down to the Honeymoon Bridge anymore. (Click here to see my posting of our Scenic World Circuit adventure in 2014)

Since we left home at 7am we decided to have something to eat first before proceeding to other lookouts. And yes the mountains improved quite a bit after about half-an-hour later
but the Three Sisters was still covered with fog.

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