Monday, January 29, 2018

[Jan 2018 - Australia ] - Blue Mountains NSW - A Day trip to the Blue Mountains - Gordon Falls Lookout Blue Mountains National Park

Before you could get to this lookout, you need to go down and up to return a flight of steps. In total for the return walking trip it was the equivalent of about 39 stories of a building. Once you get to the lookout, you are greeted with a magnificent view of the Blue Mountains especially in a very good weather. These water cascades you will see on your way to the lookout.

Once you reach the lookout, gaze across to the impressive views of Mount Solitary and Kings Tableland.

Also from the lookout on your right, you will see the waterfall that plunges over a 200m drop. 

There is also a picnic area and playground near the lookout. To see individual and larger images of the above, click here.